The Guillemin symmetrical couplings, a Pathel’s specialty

Raccord pompier Pathel Industrie
10 Mar

Our great specialty, the Guillemin symmetrical couplings !

Also known as « Raccords Pompiers » (Fire-fighting coupling in French) or French Coupling, these are used for the transfer, suction or unloading liquids and powders.

In various fields of application such as: industry, food, pharmaceutical, construction, maintenance, agriculture, bulk transport… The couplings are connected by a locking system, also called a ring, which slides into the ears of the opposite coupling.

One of the two symmetrical couplings must have a locking ring so that the assembly works. All of our Guillemin symmetrical half-couplings are certified to comply with standard NF E 29-572 / NF EN 14420-8.

Our range provides 4 materials: aluminum, brass, stainless steel and polypropylene and includes couplings with corrugated, threaded, weldable sockets, plugs, reductions and transformations in many diameters.

A need… we have what you need!