Technical hoses

Our technical hoses

Pathel Industrie has its own workshop for the assembly of smooth PTFE hoses or PTFE corrugated 304 stainless steel braided hoses. Supply is possible within 24/48h in several dimensions. We also have the possibility to provide carbon-filled PTFE for specific applications: ATEX zone or quick fluid transfer.

We also produce PTFE returns on collar for any type of dimensions. You can remove the stainless steel braid for your specific applications.

image intro flexible technique

Advantages of PTFE smooth hoses

  • Great chemical compatibility (acids/solvents/bases, etc.)
  • Use is possible from -70° to +260°
  • Low head loss and high flow-rate possible
  • Glutinous/doughy/sticky products can easily flow
  • Easy cleaning
  • FDA-approved (does not change the taste/the colours/the composition
  • Long lifetime
  • Very good resistance under pressure
PFTE convoluté Pathel

Advantages of PTFE convoluted hoses

  • Convoluted hoses can withstand vibration and bending
  • Use is possible from -70° to +260°
  • FDA-approved (does not change the taste/the colours/the composition
  • Long lifetime
  • Very good flexibility

Compliance with manufacturing standards

BS 6501. Part 1 : 1991/ISO 10380 : 204.

ISO/9001 certified manufacturing workshop: 2008.
Pathel Industrie can provide the following certificates:

  • 3.1b certificate for our hoses and couplings.
  • Certificate of conformity.
  • Test certificates for your hoses, either by hydraulic testing or by helium leak detection.
  • Our welder qualification
  • Dye penetrant inspection

Fields of application

The types of couplings used with our hoses

  • PN10/40, ASA150LBS swivel or static flange couplings, etc.
  • Threaded couplings Male, tapped female, BSP, NPT…
  • 3-Part union: Male, Female, moulded, machined, etc.
  • Smooth end
  • Guillemin coupling
  • Camlock couplings
  • Hygienic couplings: DIN, SMS, Clamps, etc.

Our partner

Our partner Gassoflex

In partnership with Gassoflex, we also offer a full range of composite hoses, approved by Bureau Veritas for TMD hoses.