Stainless corrugated steel hoses

Our stainless corrugated steel hoses

The stainless steel corrugated hose is one of the great specialities of Pathel Industrie. We have a manufacturing workshop able to supply custom-made hoses with short lead-times.


The main advantages of stainless steel corrugated hoses

  • High mechanical resistance for a reasonable weight
  • Use at extreme temperatures from -270°C to +700°C (For temperatures of more than 50°C, a coefficient of correction has to be applied to the maximum working pressure.
  • Good resistance to corrosion, abrasion, mould and fire.
  • Very good absorption of vibrations from pumps, compressors, motors, etc.
  • Good mechanical resistance to sudden changes of temperature.

Our range offers

316 stainless steel hoses

with 304 stainless steel braid

316 stainless steel hoses

with narrow pitch helix and 304 stainless steel braid for high flexibility

stainless steel corrugated hoses
321 stainless steel hoses

with 304 stainless steel braid

Bare braid

for producing double braided hoses of 304 stainless steel.

Compliance with manufacturing standards

BS 6501. Part 1: 1991/ISO 10380: 204.

Our manufacturing workshop is ISO/9001 certified: 2008. We can provide the following certificates:

  • 3.1b certificate for our hoses and couplings.
  • Certificate of conformity.
  • Test certificates for your hoses, either by hydraulic testing or by helium leak detection.
  • Our welder qualification
  • Dye penetrant inspection

Fields of application

The types of couplings used with corrugated hoses

  • PN10/40, ASA150LBS swivel or static flange couplings, etc.
  • Threaded couplings Male, tapped female, BSP, NPT…
  • 3-Part union: Male, Female, moulded, machined, etc.
  • Smooth end
  • Guillemin, Camlock couplings, etc.
  • Hygienic couplings: DIN, SMS, Clamps, etc.

Our partner


Pathel Industrie is the official French dealer of Penflex, one of the world leaders in stainless steel corrugated hoses. Penflex evolves on the American market as top of the range for specialised applications.

Penflex is a privileged partner for us, guaranteeing that we meet our customers’ needs, both technically and economically.