Quick-release couplings

Our quick-release couplings

This type of coupling has a machined socket with a non-aggressive notching for hose tubes, a grip bayonet ring for connecting the claw clip, and a stop notch on this bayonet ring to prevent the clip from turning. To connect hoses, there is no need for a spanner. The distance between claws is 41mm, sealing is provided by a gasket which can have a large bore (water application) or a small bore (air application).


Available materials


Our range offers

Ribbed socket couplings

to be crimped on hoses with aluminium bushings, or mounted with claw clips.

Male and female coupling

Without seal or with seal, with large bore or small bore (depending on the application)

Blank caps

quick-release couplings

Conformity with manufacturing standards

  • NFE 29537 : Working pressure 10 Bars.

Coupling threading is as per the EN ISO 228.1 BSP standard. These couplings prevent the leaks of liquids or compressed air from hoses.