Irrigation couplings

Our couplings for irrigation

These round couplings are made of high-quality steel for high resistance and long lifetime due to hot-galvanisation, and they resist abrasion. Irrigation couplings do not require any special tool for their opening or their closing. Indeed, the couplings open and close easily and quickly. It is possible to carry out an angle of 30° in all directions, which allows for installing tube even on difficult access terrain.

Technical data sheet
Bauer Couplings

Technical data sheet
Perrot Couplings

Technical data sheet
Spherical Couplings


Available materials


Our range offers

BAUER coupling

consisting of a male, a female, a sealing gasket and a claw for connecting two couplings and providing sealing, and a ring attached to the male coupling.

irrigation couplings
PERROT coupling

consisting of a male coupling, a female coupling, a gasket place inside the female coupling in order to provide sealing, and a claw for connecting the two couplings, and a nut linking the two couplings

The fields of application

  • Industry:
    Recommended materials: aluminium, stainless steel, bronze, polypropylene.
  • Agriculture:
    Recommended material: galvanised steel
  • Irrigation:
    Recommended material: galvanised steel
  • Construction:
    Recommended materials: aluminium, bronze.

And also:

In horticulture, building, tunnel drilling and road construction, dewatering, drinking water treatment plant, sewage farm, environmental protection