DSP fire-fighting couplings

Our DSP fire-fighting couplings

Pathel Industrie offers a full range of DSP / AR fire-fighting couplings. These couplings have been created for solving sealing problems relating to hose coupling used by fire-fighters.  DSP is a quick-release symmetrical coupling, hence there is no difference between the male and the female.  The two hoses to be coupled have two half-couplings and can be unwound in both directions.

The half-coupling has a lip seal which provides sealing, reinforced lugs for better resistance to impacts, and a 2-rise locking ring, each rise having a raised surface. No spanner is required for locking because the notched lock can be tightened by hand. The lugs of these fire-fighting couplings have an oblique smooth shoulder providing good sealing.

This a non-return coupling which indeed prevents coupling separation during vibration from pumps or under hose torsion.

These couplings are especially mounted on fire-fighting hoses, and also, e. g., on motor-pumps.


Our range offers

Coupling with ribbed socket

designed to be crimped on hoses, they can be installed with stamped bushings or with trunnion clamps

Grooved socket couplings

can be tighten with trunnion clamps

Couplings with collar smooth socket

designed to be crimped on hoses, they can be installed with 2-part clamps or grooved bushings

Threaded male and tapped female

exist with BSP thread, or NPT thread upon request

DSP couplings
Weld fittings

more often BW, they can be SW machined upon request

Keyser couplings

Instantaneous couplings


with locking

Conformity with manufacturing standards

  • NF S61-704 for DN40 and DN65 dimensions.
  • NF S61-705 for DN100 dimensions.

Fields of application

  • Fire-fighting 
    Recommended materials: bronze, aluminium