Clamps & bushings

Our bushings and clamps

Pathel Industrie offers a full range of 2-part clamps and bushings. 2-part clamps replace crimping with bushings, they are used for industrial hoses (rubber- or PVC-made). Clamps can be put back or removed with a few tools (vise and spanner), repairs being thus quick and easy. 2-part clamps are exist with DN13 to DN200.

Pathel Industrie also offer aluminium or stainless steel grooved bushes with different diameters. The bushing has the role of connecting the hose and the coupling during crimping.


Available materials

Stainless steel

Our range offers

EN 14420-3 / DIN 2817 2-part clamp

EN 14423 / DIN 2826 2-part clamp

Non-standard 2-part clamp

2-part clamps
Stainless steel stamped bushings

Stainless steel bayonet ring bushings

Grooved bushings

Steel and stainless steel (for better holding of the hose, withstanding higher pressure).


Conformity with manufacturing standards

  • E 14420-3/DIN2817: clamps can be used depending upon the hoses on which they are mounted, with diameters from -1bar to 25 bars for temperatures from -25°C to 70°C.