Brand spirit, innovation philosophy, activity control

Our economical products and have to find their place in an increasingly competitive market. Margins erode, and users look for optimising their costs as much as possible. Our sales teams expertise is all the more meaningful in such a context. They know how to offer our customers high-quality products at competitive prices.
The recipe? High availability to support their stock reduction and improve their service rate.


Innovation, quality, quick service are at the core of our management concerns. Pathel Industrie ambition is to keep and claim a leading position in the field of manufacturing industrial couplings and hoses. This is the ambition of a whole team, and the meaning of their everyday work.

We have invested a lot these last years, to maintain and confirm our position. Optimisation of our procedures and teams, obtaining quality standards and certifications, traceability, the improvement of our engineering department, and most recently the acquisition of an automatic storage system, our company policy is continuously dynamic.


While our customers have great needs for products, we have great stocks. While they require quality and flexible prices, we have a network and in-house expertise. Finally, while their needs are directed to custom-made products, our engineering department will undertake the design of parts. We control the design and manufacturing of our products so that our customers and us make a good couple.

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Distribution diagram