Irrigation fittings and customer service by Pathel

Raccords irrigation Pathel Industrie
16 Jun

Pathel Industrie offers you a wide range of fittings for irrigation.
However, to recognize these fittings, what a hassle !😊 Bauer, Perrot or spherical? Is the conical part the male? Is the joint on the female side? Not easy, eh?

So, call in the pros for “facial” joint recognition!
At Pathel’s, you can send us pictures, sms, faxes, emails, scribbled p’tis diagrams that look pretty much the same… and we’ll help you find the right joint 😉

The good news is that even if you’re wrong, we take them back and exchange them! Everything is in stock! simple and efficient!

At Pathel, we do everything we can to make your job easier, and that’s the most important thing.